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Once Pozze Valley, the valley, dominated from the Three Powers (1940 m above sea level), is known today as Valley of Light. The great wealth of water does create "pools" from which the ancient name of the valley, namely small ponds during the winter ghiacciano created as a mirror to punteggiare the valley. In 1935 the area was purchased by Lapo Farinati, the first consisting of Podestà Municipality of Abetone. Intenzionato to make a great tourist center that interested the whole valley, Farinati varò a project that included the construction of a five-star hotel, with different dependencies, slopes and lifts, a needle for ice skating and even a racetrack and a circuit automotive. Above, on the ridge, was a rise tower illuminated by a large lighthouse, which would have made the Valley of Pozze Val di Luce. Work began in the summer of 1935 but interrupted by the Second World War, most were not taken.

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