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lago turchino

lago turchino

The itinerary of Lake Turchino presents a drop of 350mt with a length (+ round trip) of 10 kms. To walk it takes about 2.15 hours to go and to return 1.40. This is a trail that starts from Val light, taking the SS devizazione by close to 12 Faidello. The red, white Signs CAI is No. 505-519-0-0-517 and is reported difficulties with the media. And 'recommended if you use binoculars, camera, suitable boots, a cape and a bottle From the square of Val di Luce (1) (1450) (m wide parking), takes the path n. CAI-505 Modena close of the lifts and sale in about forty minutes at Lake Dish (2) (m 1823) where the trail crossed No CAI 519. It continues west towards passing under the lift (in the East in 15 minutes we arrive at Black Lake) and in a few tens of minutes you reach the Pass Hannibal (3) (m 1798) . It then descends to Foce di Giovo (4) (1674) (m just the first step is a source), where it intersects the dirt road called "road of Duke" (5 ) Faidello connecting with Carfagnana. From Foce take the path n. 0-0 CAI, which climbs Mount Rondinaio (right of the chapel nineteenth remaining sottostrada) and continue for a few tens of meters and then turn right and take the path n. CAI 517 descending through a small forest and a grassy plateau (there are some planting nigritella) (6) , to arrive finally at Lake Turchino (7) (m 1600). Near the pond was built a small wooden hut (unmanaged and always closed). The return path can be made with a variation of average difficulty from the refuge takes the path towards NE No CAI 517 rising briefly (one can observe some plants Fior di Stecco) (8) before falling steeply (traballanti attention to the rocks) to cross No CAI 519 connecting the Foce di Giovo Lake Saint. At bends to the right, reaching an area acquitrinosa; always following the No trail 519 CAI climb to Foce di Giovo and then to Pass Hannibal
1. Val di Luce or Val di Pozze: The Valley of Light or more properly the Val di Pozze is easily accessible along the SS.12 that dall'Abetone descends towards Modena. After 3 km turn left close to Faidello and then, a few kilometres, we arrive at a large square surrounded by Monte left elbow and from the three Powers, right from the Rose Balzo. Many lifts and hotels (information tel: 0573/60231).
2. Lake Dish: Small orgigine of glacial lake situated at an altitude of 1823 metres. In its clear water reflects the dell'Alpe summit of the Three Powers, easily accessible by trail ridge (No. 0-0 CAI). From the pond taking the path n. 3 (red-white), which connects with the Old Pass and No 100 is a few tens of minutes Lake Nero.
3. Pass Hannibal: Some scholars believe this step may have been what valicato the Carthaginian leader in its march towards encirclement Rome, but the most likely hypothesis remains that of Pass Caanca (see itinerary, Lake Scaffaiolo). From step, in the vicinity of construction stone, take the right path n. 515 CAI can be reached in a few tens of minutes of the Rose Balzo, an excellent vantage point.
4. Foce di Giovo: From Foce, continuing along the trail 0-0 CAI, to the right to Borra Fosso (m1806) then climbing, first halfway up on the ridge and then, after a rise very steep, we arrive at Mount Rondinaio (m 1964). From here you can enjoy an excellent view of the Apuane Alps to the east-SudESt and the North-east NordEst. In the north you can see clearly kiss Lake and Lake Saint, reached by the path n. CAI 523 (white-red signals) that descends rapidly. From Lake Saint, taking the path n. CAI 519 to return to Foce di Giovo.
5. Road, Duke (or Duchess): Road partly asphalted and practicable (only stretch Lucca) connecting Faidello (MO) with Tereglio (LU). In 1819 Maria Luisa of Bourbon and Francis IV, the Duke of Modena, agreed to link the two states of Lucca and Modena without passing on the territory of the Grand Toscano. The work was completed in a few years (1824), but very expensive maintenance and competition paths Best got the "path of Duchess" was in a short time Abandoned. The legend tells that the road was an opportunity for the first and the last meeting between the two sovereign Betrothed. The Duchess fact, discovering only in this circumstance that the duke had hair rather incanutiti, would say: "For the mountain snows." And the Duke, very indispettito, would have replied: "If snows to the mountains is that the cows return to the plan."
6. Nigritella (Nigritella Nigra) perennial plant and protected, it can reach a height of 25 cm, and lives at altitudes between 1000 and 2000 metres. It is light green stem, built and angular, with fluted leaves filiformi. The flowers, pale purple-black or dark red, have a pleasant scent similar to vanilla, are collected in un'infiorescenza spherical in shape.
7. Lake Turchino - variations: From pond (m 1600) comes off the path n. CAI 517 A rising steeply in 45 minutes at the window Rondinaio (m1850). Since then step on the right path along the ridge and then down in less than one hour (CAI path n. 521) Baccio Lake and Lake Saint.
8. Fior di Stecco or Mezzereo (Daphne Mezereum) Floor poisonous protected. He leaves egg shape, slightly coriacee, arranged a rosette at the tip of stems, whose shares are lower knotted. The flowers, light red color, are grouped by 5 to 15 on top of the woody stem, such as fragrant lilac. The berries, very poisonous, have a peel shiny yellow-orange. Growth over 1000 metres in places exposed and sunny.

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