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botanical garden

botanical garden

Located along the Valle de Sestaione, for a share between 1270 and 1300 meters, this particular "alpine garden" welcomes plants of great scientific interest, many of which are now endangered. Opened to the public in 1987, covers an area of 14000 square meters, devoted largely to the forest, with vegetation typical of the Apennine and some forest tree species import. A small area is occupied by a garden of limestone and sandstone rocks and a pond surrounded by a small wetland area. The path through the woods followed by a main path; at some point two deviations lead: right until torrent Sestaione, left to a large boulder covered by a diverse range of mosses and lichens. Just beyond, the main route leading to the rocky of the Botanical Garden; here between plants to be observed, the typical mountain pistoiese and others that come from one nearby, as the rare Vedovella, which grows on rocks and Black del Balzo Apuan Alps.

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