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route of the icehouse

route of the icehouse

The route leads Ghiacciaia of those who cross it, in those parts of the Rhine valley where, by the end of the eighteenth century until the mid-twentieth century, the main activity was the production of natural ice. The trail winds among the countries Pracchia and Le Plates, famous for the production of ice and the places where this product was preserved: the ice. Along the route developed dall'Ecomuseo Mountain Pistoiese, it is possible to observe the bridle, the street and gore that were used to divert the river and to bring its water in the lakes in the middle of winter, ghiacciavano. The structure that best describes this process is the production Ghiacciaia della Madonnina, restored from the town of Pistoia educational purposes. The path ends at Pracchia, where the teaching to Polo, visited upon request.

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