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8 gathering line gothic abetone 1944

8 gathering line gothic abetone 1944

In the event may participate listed former military and media of all nationalities, the use of images of weapons, is prohibited assume attitudes pose greetings and politicians.
All means must be in good standing with the Highway Code and regularly insured . "The organization is exempt from any liability for accidents of any kind or nature that they need to persons or property during the meeting and during"
information about the event: The meeting takes place in three days: Friday July 14
arrival in Piandinovello and accommodation means and accommodation, entries in the gathering and dinner at 19.30 uniformed military (or leave full dress).
Housing , as long as there are seats at the Hotel "Alpine" possibly others will be accommodated in other hotels and those who love adventure in tents in special military set up in the area.
As for the lunches and dinners breakfast will be served at Alpine hotel, and pay only organization.
Saturday July 15 hour 8.00 and alzabandiera gathered on the terrace in front of Alpine marketplace exhibition and exchange of military objects, 9.30 hours departure from the base camp to parade on the streets Gothin Lines First stop Cross Arcane and delivery crown to the Monument of the Fallen
Lunch in the village Vidiciatico
Stop to Abetone for hours Tradition of
return to base camp to Piandinovello , at 19.00 ammaina flag
At 20.00 dinner uniformed military (or leave full dress).
22.00 hours dance Sunday hours 8.00 alzabandiera See market and exchange military objects .
hours 10.00 departure from the base camp to parade returning to base camp 13.00 hours and lunch at the Alpine Hotel.
15.30 hours for Abetone to deposit wreaths to the monuments of the Fallen and Peace alzabandiera with Picchetto Military and Fanfara Bersaglieri. Returning to base camp to Piandinovello certificates for delivery in memory of the event final toast and greetings.
Night means will be parked in the square in front of the Hotel Alpine. During exits trucks will be at the bottom of the column. Because of heavy traffic and the many motorcyclists we recommend caution and prudence during all exits in the event of problems is aware the team or (MP) in order to be able to intervene immediately. E 'should make refuelling before each outing.
Saturday will be about 10 miles of road, we recommend caution and prudence always keep the safe distance between the lanes. (Use very carefully)
By virtue of a roadmap rather lock is recommended for all participants, especially the conductor means to respect calls for the various departures.
We are all aware that we live a moment for the international situation, many administration prohibit such gatherings or demonstrations for fear of unrest or other, therefore it is our duty to maintain a proper and dignified behaviour even in the face to any provocations, (remember always that indossiamo currencies).
E 'in our interest to provide an image of seriousness and civilization, avoiding taking unsuitable attitudes, especially with the pretense of weapons. Registration fee: From
dinner, lunch Friday to Sunday € 100.00 per person
Includes: (dinner, and Friday night, breakfast lunch and dinner on Saturday night, breakfast and lunch on Sunday with the registration rally )
From dinner Saturday to Sunday lunch € 50.00 per person
Includes: (dinner Saturday night and breakfast and lunch on Sunday with the registration rally)
Meals and dinners extra €. 20.00

If you have any information or clarification, please contact Sichi Egyptian 0573/673062
egiziano.sichi @ tiscali.it
recall how regulation by the organization can expel any time subject responsible acts mentioned above.

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